Delivery Date and Our Warranty

it is aim of our laboratory satisfaction co-operating with us studies always and their patients therefore we offer elastic deadlines of realization of orders, We give after earlier contact the guarantee and the discussion of damage of work. We consider the possible complaints on basis of formed the archives data severally.

Period of guarantee on executed works carries out 2 years. It does not give on orthotic designed works the guarantee with principles of medical art incompatibly.

Works be not subject to with visible mechanical interference guarantee.

Pick-up And Delivery

We know how important the customer's satisfaction in today's times is as well as his desire to using still with our services, therefore we take the care in our firm about keeping deliveries on time and high level of testified services.

Wanting to assure You quick and sure deliveries we use with own centres of transportation as well as the couriers testifying the service of the highest quality firms. On terrain of city of Lodz the works be received by our couriers after previous telephone notification through study. Also the co-operation from put in different cities of Poland studies as well as she beyond her borders stopped being with regard problem on barriers. Thanks signature from firms contract UPS, DHL, OPEK works hit to addressee of next day.

They near solid co-operation do not bear connected with receipt You of no costs and delivery.